Service Etiquette


What is Yoni (Vaginal Steaming)?

 A practice in which a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to penetrate the exterior

of her vagina. It is used to heal and detox the uterus.

How Often should you steam?

It is recommended depending on your Feminine Wellness Goals That you steam 2 -4 times a month for optimal results,once before your cycle and once after. A Minimal Of 2 times a month.

How long should you steam

 Depending on your Feminine Wellness Needs 15-40 Mins is recommended. 

How do you sterilize the seat?

We clean the stool with an organic cleaner, after each service and as well in front of each client before their service begins. 

Do you offer refunds?

Treatments are non refundable. All sales are final. 


Are we mobile?

Yes depending on mileage there will be an aditional charge. Please call for pricing..

Arrival Time

Please arrive at least 10- 15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment to allow for consultation with our Certified Womb Practitioner.  A late arrival could result in shortened treatment to accommodate other clients fairly.

Minimum Age

Due to the quiet nature of our space, children under 16 years of age are not permitted in the treatment areas. Any client(s), under the age of 18, must be accompanied by an adult; treatment for guests less than 18 years of age is strictly upon parent or guardian written consent.


We accept cash and all major credit cards. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


The V- Steam treatment and services received or utilized at V Spot Feminine Wellness LLC are intended for general purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical treatment for any condition, medical or otherwise, that clients may have. Clients will fully indemnify and hold harmless V Spot Feminine Wellness LLC, company, representatives, agents, staff and suppliers, from and against all liabilities, claims, expenses, damages and losses, including legal fees (on an indemnity basis), arising out of or in connection with treatments, services and/or facilities.

Prohibited Clients for Service

Clients who are pregnant/ think they are pregnant, have an IUD inserted, menstruating during time of service, vaginal infection, STD’s, open cuts or sores are not able to partake in V- Steam services.  Kindly inform your practitioner of any existing medical conditions or those listed above.